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    1. MX-606


  • Disco Mixer

MX606 Features

Versatile effect section with Flanger, Echo, and Auto Pan effect
Channel assign selector for the effect section
Parameter adjustment via speed control
External effector can be integrated via selection send/return
Channel 1-3 on the front panel switchable between phono, line or mic
Mic 1 microphone-input via unbalanced XLR socket on the front panel or via 1/4" mono jack on the back panel
Mic 2, and 3 microphone-input via 1/4" mono-jack on the back panel
Input sensitivity control (gain) for each channel
3-fold, separate tone-control (bass, middle, treble) for each channel with extremely wide range
Limited Killfuntion (attenuated to -30dB) and limited F/X-function (enforced to +15dB) possible
High-quality smooth channel faders
Super long durable crossfader replaceable from above
Crossfader for mixing channels 1, 2,and 3 (crossfader assign button)
2 beat indicator at the crossfader for perfect mixing
3 LED-level-displays (master-out L/R and Cue Level)
Headphones-connection on the front panel
Headphone-output adjustable via Cue Level-control
Additional Cue Split/Cue Mix-button
Mixing of the headphones-signal possible via cue mixing-fader
Output signal adjustable via master-control and balance-control
Master-Out, Booth-Out, and Rec-Out via 2 RCA-sockets each
Rec-Out independent from master-level for records with static level
Separately controllable monitor-output (DJ-booth) for connecting active speakers or an additional amplifier
Effect send and effect return sockets on the back panel
High-grade multi-function mixer with an outstanding sound